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From C. H. Thiebout   [1871]1

I have the honour to announce to the English people and Sir Charles Darwin that after an exact examination of the several principles naturo-philosophical and philosophical who are founded by his strong mind that in the world as one of the fruits of his long scientifical life those thoughts and datas he has given “for instance” in “the struggle for life” can be contemplated “a very new theory of the origin of senseless or foolnish-illnesses and also of the origin of prostitution of the [fray] girls. Also is given in his works the way to a rapid and rational amelioration of the small condition of the persons who are affected by those illnesses and of the girls of small condition.2

The several principles who are one of the arts of your philosophy are pronounced in a popular teach of this title” Wetten van inwerking van twee Zenuwstelsels op elkander, of de uitstooting der hoogstgeorganiseerden in den strijd des levens door Dr. C. H. Thiebout.

Published. Holland. Utrecht. van der Post. Nieuwe Gracht.3 That is to say: The laws of contact of two human nerveous systems, or the expulsion of the highest organisated in the struggle for life in the human Societys. bÿ Dr. C. H. Thiebout.

The principles are founded upon your works those of Hartmann in his “Philosophie des Unbewussten, Kant and Herbart.4

The ways I have given to the amelioration of the condition of foolnishes are given in my last works who I have given to Dr. van der Lith Utrecht, Holland.5

It is my not possible to send you an exemplar of my works notwithstanding it is my duty to write what is I believe one of the greats fruits of your philosophy.

I early five years was instructor in natural science in Holland and now I am occupated with the great work to introduce your thougts in the medical clinik.

You shall excuse my bad writing there the English is not my tongue, and I trust that your assistance to the matter will be in consequence with that what you have done for general development and honour of mankind.

with reverance | I am your young follower. | Thiebout.

My other works are: The natural selection of genies, Principles of the clinik of foolnish-illnesses, Principles of empiric-psychology.6


The year is established by the publication date of Thiebout 1871 (see n. 3, below).
Small condition: possibly Thiebout refers to poverty.
Thiebout 1871. Nieuwe Gracht (Nieuwegracht): new canal.
Thiebout refers to Eduard von Hartmann, Hartmann 1869 (Philosophy of the unconscious), Immanuel Kant, and Johann Friedrich Herbart.
Johan Peter Theodoor van der Lith.
Thiebout’s ‘Principles of empiric-psychology’ is Thiebout 1869; the other two titles have not been identified.


Thiebout, C. H. 1869. Kort begrip der proefondervindelijke zielkunde, gegrondvest op de wetenschappen welke aan middelbare scholen onderwezen worden. (Epitome of empirical psychology, founded on the sciences taught in secondary schools.) Arnhem: J. Heuvelink.

Thiebout, C. H. 1871. De wetten van inwerking van twee zenuwstelsels op elkander, of de uitstooting der hoogstgeorganiseerden, in den strijd des levens in de menschelijke maatschappijen: natuurhistorisch-zenuwphysiologische studie. 2d edition. Utrecht: van der Post.


As a follower of CD, Spencer, and Kant, wishes to announce his work on the origin of "foolish illnesses" and prostitution [? Kort begrip der proefunderlijke zielkunde (1869)].

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