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From A. R. Wallace   [19 June 1867]1

9, St. Mark’s Crescent | N.W. Wednesday. Dear Darwin

I am very sorry I was out when you called yesterday. I had just gone to the Zool. Gardens, and I met Sir C. Lyell who told me you were in Town.2

If you should have time to go to Bayswater I think you would be pleased to see the collections which I have displayed there in the form of an Exhibition (though the public will not go to see it.).3 If you can go with any friends I should like to meet you there, if you can appoint a time.

I am glad to find you continue in tolerable health.

Believe me | Yours very faithfully | Alfred R. Wallace—

Charles Darwin Esq.

What do you think of the Duke of Argyll’s Criticisms,4 and the more pretentious one in the last Number of the N. British Rev.?5

I have written a little article answering them both, but I do not yet know where to get it published.6

A. R. W.


The date is established by the reference to CD’s visit and the mention of the article in the North British Review (see n. 5, below). CD was in London from 17 to 24 June 1867 (see CD’s ‘Journal’ (Appendix II)). In 1867, the first Wednesday after 17 June was 19 June.
Wallace refers to the gardens of the Zoological Society, Regent’s Park, London, and to Charles Lyell.
Wallace had arranged an exhibit of his collection of bird skins and butterflies at Thomas Sims & Co. photographic gallery, 76 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater (A. R. Wallace 1905, 1: 404–5, Post Office London directory 1866; see also Raby 2001, p. 194).
Wallace refers to George Douglas Campbell and to G. D. Campbell 1867 (for more on Campbell’s criticisms, see the letter from Charles Kingsley, 6 June 1867, and the letter to Charles Kingsley, 10 June [1867]).
The unsigned article in the North British Review for June 1867 was [Jenkin] 1867 (see letter from Charles Kingsley, 6 June 1867 and n. 2).
Wallace’s article, ‘Creation by law’, appeared in the October 1867 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Science (A. R. Wallace 1867c).


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[Jenkin, Henry Charles Fleeming.] 1867. The origin of species. North British Review 46: 277–318.

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CD is invited to see ARW’s collections at Bayswater.

ARW has written an answer to the Duke of Argyll and North British Review criticisms.

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Letter no.
Alfred Russel Wallace
Charles Robert Darwin
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London, St Mark’s Crescent, 9
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DAR 106: B41–2
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 15