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From T. H. Huxley   [before 14 December 1860]1

P.S. I have just received your note & the inclosure from Asa Gray—2 How can you imagine there can be a doubt about the reply? Of course I shall be exceedingly glad to have it if it is good—   I wish to see articles both for & against, so as to have it clearly understood that the Review is a ‘Champ libre’—3

Paying for it however is what I unfortunately do not see my way to at present— Until the circulation reaches 6 or 7 hundred we shall hardly be able to pay anything & even then I am afraid not much—   But get us the article if you can & if your friend is the most rabid advocate you ever had so long as he argues the question scientifically & is’n’t abusive (beyond reason) I am quite sure Busk will agree with me on the propriety of inserting it4

My desire to have an anti-Darwinian article—is not so much because I want to see you criticised & because I want all the world to understand that it is not a party journal.

I return A. Grays note. Will he write for us?


Dated by the relationship to the following letter. CD forwarded the postscript to Asa Gray.
Huxley was one of the editors of the new series of the Natural History Review.
George Busk, a close friend of Huxley’s, was also one of the editors of the Natural History Review.


Would be glad to have Chauncey Wright’s [Origin] review for the Natural History Review.

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Thomas Henry Huxley
Charles Robert Darwin
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Archives of the Gray Herbarium, Harvard University (39)
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 8