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From R. I. Lynch   25 July 1877

List of plants sent to Mr. Darwin

July 25th. 77

Glaux maritima

Silene maritima

Eryngium maritimum

Oxalis enneaphylla

Salicornia macrostachys

Medicago marina

Veronica pinguifolia

Rhodiola sibirica

Euphorbia Myrsinites

Lotus creticus

Glaucium sp

Elymus arenarius

Suæda fruticosa

Helichrysum maritimum

2 spp Erythrina


Schrankia we not possess.1

CD annotations

4.1 Silene maritima] ‘“Sea shores”’ ink
5.1 Eryngium maritimum] ‘abundant especially near the sea.—’ ink
7.1 Salicornia macrostachys] ‘Australia littoral’ ink
8.1 Medicago marina] ‘S. Europe’ ink
11.1 Euphorbia Myrsinites] ‘S. Europe’ ink
15.1 Suæda fruticosa] ‘Britain’ ink
16.1 Helichrysum maritimum] ‘C. of Good Hope’ ink


Lynch was foreman of the propagating department at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Glaux maritima is a synonym of Lysimachia maritima (sea milkwort). Silene maritima is a synonym of Silene uniflora (sea campion). Oxalis enneaphylla is scurvy-grass sorrel. Salicornia macrostachya is a synonym of Arthrocnemum macrostachyum. Veronica pinguifolia and Rhodiola sibirica are unresolved names. The former is a New Zealand species of hebe (see J. D. Hooker 1864–7, 1: 210) and the latter name was published as a horticultural variety of rose-root in Don 1831–8, 3: 114. Euphorbia myrsinites is myrtle spurge. Lotus creticus is Cretan trefoil. Glaucium is horned poppy. Elymus arenarius is a synonym of Leymus arenarius (sand ryegrass). Suaeda fruticosa is a synonym of Suaeda vermiculata (seablite). Helichrysum maritimum is a synonym of H. dasyanthum. Haematoxylon is a synonym of Haematoxylum; H. campechianum is logwood. Schrankia is a synonym of Mimosa. All the items from ‘Glaux maritima’ to ‘Helichrysum maritimum’ have been ticked off in pencil in the left-hand margin. CD had asked for seaside plants with bloom on them for his experiments on the effects of salt water on foliage; see letter to W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, 22 July [1877].


Don, George. 1831–8. A general history of the dichlamydeous plants: arranged according to the natural system. 4 vols. London: J. G. and F. Rivington.

Hooker, Joseph Dalton. 1864–7. Handbook of the New Zealand flora: a systematic description of the native plants of New Zealand and the Chatham, Kermadec’s, Lord Auckland’s, Campbell’s, and MacQuarrie’s Islands. 2 vols. London: Lovell Reeve & Co.


List of plants sent.

Letter details

Letter no.
Richard Irwin Lynch
Charles Robert Darwin
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DAR 209.12: 184
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Amem 2pp †

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