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From Hensleigh Wedgwood   [22 August 1875]

Insectivorous Plants

p. 127, l. 12 from bm for lepidum r. lepidium

344, l. 7 from bm “to pour fourth

358, l. 2 fr. bm for foliar r. folious, used in that sense by Sir T Browne  there would not be room for foliaceous.1


CD annotations

4.1 358, … foliaceous. 4.2] crossed ink; ‘stet | (not corrected in book)’ added ink
4.1 foliar] double underl ink


Wedgwood’s first two corrections were incorporated by Francis Darwin into Insectivorous plants 2d ed., pp. 105 and 278, but CD’s use of ‘foliar’ was preserved. Thomas Browne used the term ‘folious’ in The garden of Cyrus with the meaning ‘abounding in, or of the nature of, leaves’, as distinct from ‘foliaceous’, which he used to mean ‘leaflike’ (T. Browne 1658, OED). CD had argued that the bases of the tentacles in certain insectivorous plants were likely to have developed from the surface of the leaf rather than from the digestive glands, because while there were many instances of movement in ‘foliar organs’ there were none in hairs or trichomes (Insectivorous plants, pp. 358–60). Wedgwood’s correction was intended to clarify that CD was referring to movement in true leaves and not in leaflike structures.


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Errata in first edition of Insectivorous plants.

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