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Darwin Correspondence Project

Wilhelm Breitenbach


German naturalist, traveller, journalist, and publisher. Studied at the Realschule, Lippstadt, where Hermann Müller taught, 1872–7. Studied natural sciences at Jena, 1877–80, and wrote his dissertation of the structure of the proboscis in butterflies. After graduation, travelled to Brazil, where he met Fritz Müller. Returned to Germany and in 1883 set up a press and began publishing a newspaper, the Odenkirchener Zeitung. Editor, Frankfurter Journals, 1885. Noted as a popular lecturer on natural history topics. Between 1904 and 1913, published a biography of Ernst Haeckel, a series of Darwinist lectures and essays, and, with Haeckel, a book on nature as an artist. Co-founder of the German Monist League, he edited the monist journal, Neue Weltanschauung, from 1908. President of the Bielefeld Natural History Society, 1914.


Nöthlich 2009