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To Friedrich Rolle   30 January [1863]


Thanks FR for sketch of progress of evolutionary theory in Germany.

Compliments to Gustav Jäger.

Comments on FR’s book [Ch. Darwin’s Lehre (1863)].

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Friedrich Rolle
Date:  30 Jan [1863]
Classmark:  Senckenberg Forschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum, Frankfurt (SNG-Archiv: Malakol.: Nachlass Rolle)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3954

From Thomas Rivers   30 January 1863


Asks CD’s views on TR’s observations that leaves breathe from their under-surfaces.

Peach-trees in hothouses cannot be kept in health unless fresh air is admitted so as to make its way under the leaves.

Continues his observations on the effect of environment on men – those migrating to America gradually assuming Indian-like features.

Author:  Thomas Rivers
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  30 Jan 1863
Classmark:  DAR 176: 162
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3955

To Roland Trimen   31 January [1863]


Thanks RT for his letter and MS.

Is astonished by the different forms of orchids he describes.

Urges RT to describe and experiment with two or three of the more distinct genera.

"I believe, or am inclined to believe in one or very few primordial forms, from community of structure and early embryonic resemblances in each great class."

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Roland Trimen
Date:  31 Jan [1863]
Classmark:  Royal Entomological Society (Trimen papers, box 21: 78)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3956

To Alphonse de Candolle   31 January [1863]


CD thinks that he believes in as much migration as AdeC, only he does not believe nearly so much in continental extensions. CD also believes more in modification in form though he suspects the difference is not so great.

Thanks AdeC for information on melons, oranges,

and Swiss lake-habitation discoveries.

CD is almost tired of his book on variation under domestication, for his knowledge is insufficient to treat the plant part well, but he has done so much that he will finish it.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Alphonse de Candolle
Date:  31 Jan [1863]
Classmark:  Archives de la famille de Candolle (private collection)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3957

From A. R. Wallace   [23 January 1863?]



Now recalls a Melastoma visited by some small Cetoniadae and bees (Xylocopa) in Malay Archipelago.

Author:  Alfred Russel Wallace
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [23 Jan 1863?]
Classmark:  DAR 205.8: 70 (Letters)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4390

From William Bowman   31 January [1863]


Will supply CD with information "as far as my knowledge extends".

Suggests CD visit him.

Author:  William Bowman, 1st baronet
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  31 Jan [1863]
Classmark:  Sir John Paget Bowman
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4988

To Isaac Anderson-Henry   20 January [1863]


Discusses hybrid strawberry–raspberry

and his research on Primula and Linum.

Suggests breeding experiments.

Doubtful about Donald Beaton’s statement about Pelargonium.

Mentions experiments on peloric flowers.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Isaac Anderson; Isaac Anderson Henry
Date:  20 Jan [1863]
Classmark:  DAR 145: 1
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3929

From Isaac Anderson-Henry   26–7 January 1863


Has done extensive plant hybridisation: strawberry, raspberry, Rhododendron.

Author:  Isaac Anderson; Isaac Anderson Henry
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  26–7 Jan 1863
Classmark:  DAR 159: 61
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3948

From Isaac Anderson-Henry   31 January 1863


Thanks for CD’s experimental suggestions. Will count seeds of hybrid crosses.

Requests suggestions for Edinburgh Botanical Society expedition to British Columbia.

Author:  Isaac Anderson; Isaac Anderson Henry
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  31 Jan 1863
Classmark:  DAR 159: 62
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3958

From Isaac Anderson-Henry   17 January 1863


Thanks for "Two forms of Primula" [Collected papers 2: 45–63].

Praise for Orchids.

Author:  Isaac Anderson; Isaac Anderson Henry
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  17 Jan 1863
Classmark:  DAR 159: 60
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3924
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