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Darwin’s observations on his children


Charles Darwin’s observations on the development of his children, began the research that culminated in his book The Expression of the emotions in man and animals, published in 1872, and his article ‘A biographical sketch of an infant’, published in Mind…

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  • 1845; Elizabeth, born 8 July 1847; Francis, born 16 August 1848; Leonard, born 15 January 1850; and
  • times at intervals. He tries to imitate simple sounds, asball”.— He learned to smack his hand &amp
  • our door N o  12 and N o  11 is in the slit for the Letter box.— he decidedly ran past N o  11
  • has learned them from my sometimes changing the first letter in any word he is usingthus I say
  • sorrows than for real ones. She cant stand Little Robert & the Owl[59but saysHe must have
  • … , pp. 1312. [6Correspondence  vol. 2, letter from Emma Wedgwood, [23 January 1839] . …
  • … (Elizabeth) Wedgwood, Emma Darwins sister. [46Robert Waring Darwin. [47Izaak
  • In her old age, Henrietta Litchfield noted thatLittle Robert & the owlwas one of the first
  • Darwin, born 1850. [62Francis Darwin, born 1848. [63Sarah was presumably a servant