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List of correspondents


Below is a list of Darwin's correspondents with the number of letters for each one. Click on a name to see the letters Darwin exchanged with that correspondent.    "A child of God" (1) Abberley,…

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  • Below is a list of Darwin's correspondents with the number of letters for each one. …
  • Abbot, F. E. (17) Abernethy, J. W. (1) …
  • dei Lincei (1) Acland, C. L. (1) …
  • … (3) Airy, Hubert (27) Aitchison, William
  • Maurice (3) Albrecht, R. F. (3) …
  • Allen, Thomas (2) Allman, G. J. (4) …
  • James (1) Anderson, James (c) (3) …
  • Vienna (1) Appleton, C. E. C. B. (2) …
  • Athenæum (11) Atkin, J. R. (1) …
  • C. F. (1) Aveling, E. B. (7) Axon, W
  • Ayres, W. P. (1) B. J. Edwards & Co. (1) …
  • Baker, A. F. (1) Bakewell, R. H. (1) …
  • … (2) Bryceson Brothers & Co. (1) Buck, Emil
  • Crier, John (1) Crisp, Edwards (1) …
  • A. N. H. (1) D. Appleton & Co (30) …
  • Dareste, Camille (9) Darwin family (1) …
  • Edmondston, Laurence (5) Edwards & Kidd. (1) …

Darwin’s reading notebooks


In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to read in Notebook C (Notebooks, pp. 319–28). In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119…

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  • In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to
  • … (DAR 119) opens with five pages of text copied from Notebook C and carries on through 1851; the
  • used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwins letters; the full transcript
  • … *128). For clarity, the transcript does not record Darwins alterations. The spelling and
  • book had been consulted. Those cases where it appears that Darwin made a genuine deletion have been
  • to be Read [DAR *119: Inside Front Cover] C. Darwin June 1 st . 1838
  • de lHomme,” by Dr. Pierquin, published in Paris (in 2 vols.), so long ago as 1839 4   …
  • … [A. von Humboldt 1811] Richardsons Fauna Borealis [J. Richardson 182937] …
  • view at Teneriffe. in Pers. Narr. [A. von Humboldt 181429] D r  Royle on Himmalaya types
  • … [DAR *119: 2v.] Whites regular gradation in man [C. White 1799] Lindleys
  • Paper on consciousness in brutes Blackwood June 1838 [J. F. Ferrie 1838]. H. C. Watson on
  • to White Nat. Hist of Selbourne [E. T. Bennett ed. 1837 and [J. Rennie] ed. 1833] read 19  : …
  • W. F. Eduards sur les characteres de races Humaines [W. F. Edwards 1829]; read Letter to M. Therry
  • on distribution of forms said to be Poor Sir. J. Edwards Botanical Tour [?J. E. Smith 1793] …
  • Reptiles [Duméril and Bibron 183454]: Crustacea Milne Edwards [Milne-Edwards 183440]: In Portfolio
  • Analysis & theory of the Emotions by G. Ramsay B.M. 6. 6. Black Edin. Longman [Ramsay 1848] …
  • … [Fellows 1839] Catherine 48 Life of Collins R.A. [Collins 1848] Phases of Faith
  • … [Martins 1849]. 53 [DAR 119: 1a] 54 N.B. These books have been read since I
  • Lieut. Gunnison. The Mormons [Gunnison 1852] Sampson Low & Co. 1852 3 s  6 d M rs
  • … (Essays) Edited by D r . Nott & Gliddon: Trübner & Co [J. C. Nott and Gliddon 1854] (read) …
  • the second part of the work was published by Whittaker and Co., but the company may have reissued
  • 1848Memoirs of the life of William   Collins, Esq., R.A.  2 vols. London.  *119: 23; 119: …
  • by Richard Owen.  Vol. 4 of  The works of John Hunter, F.R.S. with notes . Edited by James F. …
  • Robert. 1843Memoirs of the life of John   Constable, R.A., composed chiefly of his letters. …

Darwin in letters,1866: Survival of the fittest


The year 1866 began well for Charles Darwin, as his health, after several years of illness, was now considerably improved. In February, Darwin received a request from his publisher, John Murray, for a new edition of  Origin. Darwin got the fourth…

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  • The year 1866 began well for Charles Darwin, as his health, after several years of illness, was now
  • and also a meeting with Herbert Spencer, who was visiting Darwins neighbour, Sir John Lubbock. In
  • foolish, Penurious, Pragmatical Prigs’ ( letter from J. D. Hooker, [29 December 1866] ). But the
  • easy work for about 1½ hours every day’ ( letter to H. B. Jones, 3 January [1866] ). Darwin had
  • to make the chemistry go on better’ ( letter from H. B. Jones, 10 February [1866] ). Darwin
  • 1866, and in a letter to his cousin William Darwin Fox on 24 August [1866] , he wrote, ‘I
  • harmany how I cant be idle’ ( letter to W. D. Fox, 24 August [1866] ). Towards
  • of which Tegetmeier had agreed to supervise ( letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 16 January [1866] ). …
  • Animals & Cult. Plantsto Printers’ ( letter to J. D. Hooker, 24 December [1866] ). When
  • more than the belief of a dozen physicists’ ( letter to J. D. Hooker, [28 February 1866] ). Darwin
  • a number of social calls, sit for the photographer Ernest Edwards, and visit the gardens of the
  • George: ‘Your fatherentered at the same time with Dr B. J. who received him with triumph. All his
  • you go on, after the startling apparition of your face at R.S. Soirèewhich I dreamed of 2 nights
  • from admirers and followers. A photograph of Darwin by Edwards was published with a biographical
  • men of eminence in literature, science and art . Another of Edwardss photographs served as the
  • so you are in for it’ ( letter from H. E. Darwin, [  c . 10 May 1866] ). Henriettas
  • teleological development ( see for example, letter to C. W. Nägeli, 12 June [1866] ). Also in
  • between Darwin and the New York publisher D. Appleton and Co. in 1860. Unfortunately, Appleton had
  • common broom ( Cytisus scoparius ) and the white broom ( C. multiflorus ) in his botanical
  • and June on the subject of  Rhamnus catharticus  (now  R. cathartica ). Darwin had become
  • of separate sexes. William gathered numerous specimens of  R. catharticus , the only species of  …
  • replied with a modified list, adding Fritz Müllers  Für Darwin , and a recent fossil discovery in

Satire of FitzRoy's Narrative of the Voyages of the Adventure and Beagle, by John Clunies Ross. Transcription by Katharine Anderson


[f.146r Title page] Voyages of the Adventure and Beagle Supplement / to the 2nd 3rd and Appendix Volumes of the First / Edition Written / for and in the name of the Author of those / Volumes By J.C. Ross. / Sometime Master of a…

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  • the Adventure and Beagle Supplement / to the 2 nd 3 rd and Appendix Volumes of
  • the name of the Author of those / Volumes By J.C. Ross. / Sometime Master of a
  • N o II of the foresaid works. By Captain Robert Fitzroy R.N. In the first Edition Mr
  • many Kentledge pigsand almost as heavylimited the 2 nd to 700 pages of easily readable type
  • this Supplement has been kindly written on my behalf by Mr J.C. Ross of the Cocoshe having been
  • for commanding under it an H.C. Cruizer [ vf.147v p.2 ] of considerably greater tonnageand
  • he is ready to admitthat althomany Captains R.N. do not hesitate to (unofficially) give the
  • obtain such a one I was (in a manner) compelled to take Mr Darwin on a far too independent footing. …
  • of this Supplement exhibit evidence to that effectin Mr Darwins instanceespecially in respect
  • of the PrefaceWe sailed from Plymouth on the 27 th December with a fresh easterly
  • to be noticed. Being of course ambitious to rival Mr Darwin in the line of Theory-invention – …
  • … – with the exception of one of the classwhich Mr Darwin bribed the Aborigines to performwe
  • p/ meteorological Journalgiven in Appendix Volume) E.B.S.1/4S. fifty three miles from the S.E. …
  • to which I allude are the following. J.C.R. [column continues across
  • Their value to navigators remained unknownuntil Captain J.C. Ross visited the southern group in
  • calledthe Hippomanesand gave the command to R.C. Ross (brother to Mr J.C. Ross) the same who
  • rice could be obtainedwhen being aware from Captain R.C. Ross of his brother (Mr Ross') …
  • he had the honour of having made whilst commanding the H.C.C. Mary Ann under his Government of Java
  • his (Mr H's) brothers house – (Messrs R. Scott Fairlie & co.) holding many proxies for
  • and I wrote by the Hippomanes to [ f.181v p.70 ] Capt Edwards whom you know [who had been
  • … – Mr Ross proceeded to Batavialearnt there that Capt Edwards had left and gone to South America – …
  • Hare bankers in the house of Rob t ^ Scott^ Fairlie and Co in London, and he had hoped
  • of these two groups is a single low Island ” &c&c&c From the paragraphs
  • look for a fine turtle in a shallow and tolerably clear place (clear of coral I mean) Directly one
  • know all that, Eh? And who told you so?” “Oh (said the B.A.) you may find that out for yourself.” Mr
  • marked in pencil233ff. Mar, 1908 E.W.J. / Examined by C.J.G.”] *[1] The Sage