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Darwin’s reading notebooks


In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to read in Notebook C (Notebooks, pp. 319–28). In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119…

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  • In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to
  • used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwins letters; the full transcript
  • … *128). For clarity, the transcript does not record Darwins alterations. The spelling and
  • book had been consulted. Those cases where it appears that Darwin made a genuine deletion have been
  • Darwins copy of the catalogue of scientific books in the Royal Society of London (Royal Society of
  • to be Read [DAR *119: Inside Front Cover] C. Darwin June 1 st . 1838
  • … [DAR *119: 2v.] Whites regular gradation in man [C. White 1799] Lindleys
  • on the Horse in N. America— [Harlan 1835] Owen has it. & Royal Soc Lord Brougham Dissert. …
  • 212.6. [Maclise 1847] good for woodcuts. (Roy. Coll. of Surgeons) M.M Turpin & Poiteau
  • … [Fellows 1839] Catherine 48 Life of Collins R.A. [Collins 1848] Phases of Faith
  • Prof. Benddz [Bendz 1850]— Plates very expensive Coll. of Surgeons? M r  Highley. 88  1852
  • and Gliddon 1854] (read) A Lecture by Owen before College of Surgeons on Mankind [R. Owen
  • … [Macclintock 1859] [DAR *128: 153] 1860 Owen in Trans. Zoolog. Soc. Vol
  • of a Naturalist in Australasia. 1. 1. 0 [G. Bennett 1860] Read 114 Village Bells [Manning] …
  • London, wasbookseller by appointment to the Royal College of Surgeons.” His catalogue of
  • 1848Memoirs of the life of William   Collins, Esq., R.A.  2 vols. London.  *119: 23; 119: …
  • by Richard Owen.  Vol. 4 of  The works of John Hunter, F.R.S. with notes . Edited by James F. …
  • Robert. 1843Memoirs of the life of John   Constable, R.A., composed chiefly of his letters. …
  • Lectures on surgical pathology,   delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England . 2 vols. …

Darwin in letters, 1863: Quarrels at home, honours abroad


At the start of 1863, Charles Darwin was actively working on the manuscript of The variation of animals and plants under domestication, anticipating with excitement the construction of a hothouse to accommodate his increasingly varied botanical experiments…

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  • At the start of 1863, Charles Darwin was actively working on the manuscript of  The variation of
  • scientific correspondence. Six months later the volume of his correspondence dropped markedly, …
  • … ( letter to John Scott, 31 May [1863] ), and in a letter of 23 [June 1863] he wrote to his
  • letter-writing dwindled considerably. The correspondence and Darwins scientific work diminished
  • Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, where he underwent a course of the water-cure. The treatment was not
  • the correspondence from the year. These letters illustrate Darwins preoccupation with the
  • to mans place in nature  both had a direct bearing on Darwins species theory and on the problem
  • …  vol. 8, letter to Charles Lyell, 10 January [1860] ). In the same letter he reminded Lyell of
  • who was already ill-disposed towards Owen following his 1860 review of  Origin , wrote to Falconer
  • sentence from the second edition of  Antiquity of man  (C. Lyell 1863b, p. 469), published in
  • included his election as a corresponding member of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences, Berlin
  • in November when Darwin heard that his nomination for the Royal Societys Copley Medal had been
  • to Emma Darwin, 11 November [1863] ). The council of the Royal Society voted instead for the
  • failure to win the award was Edward Sabine, President of the Royal Society ( see letter from Edward
  • exercise Darwin was Huxleys assertion, first made in his 1860 review of  Origin , that in order
  • the end of the previous year. John Scott, a gardener at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, had
  • …  and  Viola species, had interested Darwin since 1860; it continued to capture his attention ( …
  • to consult George Busk, former Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons, whom Goodsir
  • very slowly recovering, but am very weak’ ( letter to A. R. Wallace, [29 September? 1863] ). …
  • Thomass Hospital, London ( letter from George Busk, [ c. 27 August 1863] ). Brinton, who