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Darwin’s reading notebooks


In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to read in Notebook C (Notebooks, pp. 319–28). In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119…

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  • In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to
  • … (DAR 119) opens with five pages of text copied from Notebook C and carries on through 1851; the
  • used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwins letters; the full transcript
  • … *128). For clarity, the transcript does not record Darwins alterations. The spelling and
  • book had been consulted. Those cases where it appears that Darwin made a genuine deletion have been
  • a few instances, primarily in theBooks Readsections, Darwin recorded that a work had been
  • of the books listed in the other two notebooks. Sometimes Darwin recorded that an abstract of the
  • own. Soon after beginning his first reading notebook, Darwin began to separate the scientific
  • the second reading notebook. Readers primarily interested in Darwins scientific reading, therefore, …
  • editorsidentification of the book or article to which Darwin refers. A full list of these works is
  • page number (or numbers, as the case may be) on which Darwins entry is to be found. The
  • to be Read [DAR *119: Inside Front Cover] C. Darwin June 1 st . 1838
  • … [DAR *119: 2v.] Whites regular gradation in man [C. White 1799] Lindleys
  • 8 vo  p 181 [Latreille 1819]. see p. 17 Note Book C. for reference to authors about E. Indian
  • 1800]— perhaps worth reading quoted by Malthus [Malthus 1826]. Heberdens observations on
  • spont. Hybrids. where? Sweet Hortus Britann: [Sweet 1826]— has remarks on acclimatizing of
  • 29 Chardin [Chardin 1686] & Bernier [Bernier 1826]. Mack. says very amusing Toland
  • … [Yarrell 1843] (1 Vol read) Last Edit of Malthus 1826 [Malthus 1826]— (read) Pallas’ …
  • Fellows Lycia (1 st  Travels) [Fellows 1839] Catherine 48 Life of Collins R.A. [Collins
  • to Khiva  (James Abbott 1843). 48  Emily Catherine Darwin. 49  Almost
  • list of the books read by CD (DAR 120), which was begun by Catherine Darwin and continued by CD. …
  • 1848Memoirs of the life of William   Collins, Esq., R.A.  2 vols. London.  *119: 23; 119: …
  • … . 2 vols. London. [Other eds.]  119: 8a Gore, Catherine Grace Frances. 1838The rose
  • by Richard Owen.  Vol. 4 of  The works of John Hunter, F.R.S. with notes . Edited by James F. …
  • Robert. 1843Memoirs of the life of John   Constable, R.A., composed chiefly of his letters. …
  • … . 2 vols. London. [Other eds.]  119: 22b [Marsh, Catherine M.]. 1858English hearts and
  • Peacock, George. 1855Life of Thomas Young, M.D., F.R.S.  London.  *128: 172; 128: 21

Books on the Beagle


The Beagle was a sort of floating library.  Find out what Darwin and his shipmates read here.

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  • wrote to his sister during an earlier voyage (16 March 1826): ‘I flatter myself I have a complete
  • from the unpublished zoological and geological notes in the Darwin Archive (DAR 2938), a brief
  • is of four kinds: There are volumes now in the Darwin Library in Cambridge that contain
  • notes made by CD during the voyage. They are in the Darwin Archive in the Cambridge University
  • and symbols are used: DAR  —  Darwin Archive CUL  —  Cambridge University
  • … , conveys the following information: CDs copy, now in Darwin LibaryCUL, was used on board. The
  • 1 of volume 32 of CDs geological diary (DAR 32.1) in the Darwin Archive. The copy in the Darwin
  • … . 2 vols. Strasbourg, 1819. (Inscription in vol. 1: ‘C. Darwin HMS Beagle’; DAR 32.1: 61). Darwin
  • 26, 27, 28 . London, 1831. (DAR 31.1: 276v.; 33: 253v.). Darwin LibraryCUL, 1832 Philadelphia
  • Zoologie . Paris, 181630. (DAR 30.1: 6, 12v.). Darwin LibraryCUL. § Blainville, Henri
  • 2 vols. Paris, 1828. (Inscription in vol. 2: ‘Charles Darwin Rio Plata Aug 7 th . 1832’). Darwin
  • the Sandwich Islands,   in the years 182425 . London, 1826. (DAR 31.2: 333; Stoddart 1962, p.4). …
  • description of active and extinct volcanoes . . .  London, 1826. (DAR 32.1: 23v., 26). Darwin
  • 1831. (DAR 32.1: 53). Desaulses de Freycinet, L. Csee  Freycinet, L. C. Desaulses de
  • la corvette . . .La Coquille 18225. Zoologie  par MM. [R. P.] Lesson et [P.] Garnot. 2 vols., …
  • journeys across the Pampas and among the Andes.  London, 1826. (DAR 36.1: 469v.). Darwin Library
  • dans les deux hémisphères.  2d ed. Paris, Strasbourg, 1826. (DAR 32.1: 56v.). Darwin LibraryCUL †. …
  • Conchifera and Mollusca in a collection formed . . . 182630Zoological Journal  5 (18324). …
  • … (Inscriptions: vol. 1 (1830), ‘Given me by Capt. F.R C. Darwin’; vol.2 (1832), ‘Charles Darwin M: …
  • concerning a future state . . . by a country pastor [R. W.].  London, 1829. (Letter from Caroline
  • der Natur , 2d ed., 1826. 2 vols. Paris, 1828. (Letter to Catherine Darwin, 5 July [1832]). …

Orundellico (Jemmy Button)


Orundellico was one of the Yahgan, or canoe people of the southern part of Tierra del Fuego.  He was the fourth hostage taken by Robert FitzRoy, captain of HMS Beagle, in 1830 following the theft of the small surveying boat. This fourteen-year old boy was…

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  • as a member of a seafaring people, he could not understand Darwins seasickness, he would often
  • contain his feelings at seeing the alteration in Jemmy, and Darwin lamentedso complete and
  • joined the captains table for dinner, and, according to Darwin, wasvery happy, did not wish to
  • with the Yamana people of Cape Horn, before and after Darwin.  Cambridge: Cambridge University
  • Button.  London: Hodder and Stoughton. Darwin, C. R. 1845. Journal of researches into the
  • Beagle round the world, under the Command of Capt. Fitz Roy, R.N. 2d edition. London: John Murray. …
  • Majestys ships Adventure and Beagle, between the years 1826 and 1836.  [Edited by Robert FitzRoy.] …