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From J. D. Hooker   [14 December 1862]



On Asa Gray’s letter; has written why he avoids alluding to the war.

Has read Max Müller [see 3752] – last part unphilosophical.

On CD’s pigeon example, long-beaked and short-beaked pigeons must be either sterile or not inter se. There is "no such thing as Equality – hence no such thing as chance and Nat. Sel. is the sword of Damocles hanging over your head if you make a slip in your premisses."

Has read note on Lythrum sent several weeks ago. Its consequences are of most prolific order to CD’s doctrine.

Kew has no wild gooseberries.

JDH praises the Saturday Review reply [14 (1862): 589] to the Duke of Argyll’s bitter review of Orchids ["The supernatural", Edinburgh Rev. 116 (1862): 378–97].

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [14 Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 101: 83–4
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3846

To J. D. Hooker   12 [December 1862]



Maintains his view on crossing. Thinks practical breeders would agree with him; doubts that variability and domestication are at all necessarily correlative.

Identical plants in different conditions a heavy argument against "direct action" [of physical conditions].

His 1000-pigeon case is altered if long-beaked are in least degree sterile with short-beaked.

His work on dimorphism inclines him to believe that sterility is at first a selected quality to keep incipient species distinct.

Case of easy modification of Lythrum pollen to favour or prevent crossing.


Has just finished chapter on variations of cultivated plants.

Edinburgh doctors have sent him Diploma of Medical Society.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Date:  12 [Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 115: 176
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3855

From J. D. Hooker   [21 December 1862]



"Throttled off" Welwitschia paper at Linnean Society [Trans. Linn. Soc. Lond. 24 (1863): 1–48].

Has read Tocqueville’s Democracy in America [1835–40] – disagrees with it. Tocqueville says democracy in America is a success. Democracy has persisted because there has been no cause for its overthrow (i.e., no struggle for existence, too much mobility).

Sends J. W. Dawson’s unsatisfactory letter.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [21 Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 101: 80–2
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3856

To J. D. Hooker   [21 December 1862]



Thanks for Begonia and Oxalis.

Keeps obstinate about crossing and could argue till doomsday, but will not bother JDH.

Sees that JDH has finished Welwitschia.

Thinks Huxley’s Working Men’s Lectures excellent.

Has finished Linum paper [Collected papers 2: 93–105],

and abstract of Bates’s paper for Natural History Review,

and has begun to arrange concluding chapters [for Variation]. Is paralysed on how to begin.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Date:  [21 Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 115: 174
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3871

To J. D. Hooker   24 December [1862]



Thanks for Dawson’s letter. Doubts his evidence that climate of land was not glacial when upheaved after submergence.

Encloses memorandum of questions for C. V. Naudin.

Expression of the emotions.

Is building a hothouse for plant experimenting.

JDH’s ideas on America are more atrocious than his. What a new idea that struggle for existence is necessary to try to purge a government! Probably true. Slavery draws him one way one day, another the next. Yankees are "detestable toward us". Tocqueville.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Date:  24 Dec [1862]
Classmark:  DAR 115: 177
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3875

From J. D. Hooker   [before 29 December 1862]



Comments on items in the Saturday Review and the Edinburgh Review.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [before 29 Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 101: 85
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3879F

To J. D. Hooker   29 [December 1862]



Genera plantarum reviewed in Parthenon by a man who says JDH is disgraced by being "obviously tinged with Darwinism".

CD by chance has found that Saturday Review article [14 (1862): 589] on Duke of Argyll was written by his [CD’s] nephew, Henry Parker.

Asa Gray sends American newspapers which CD never reads.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Date:  29 [Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 115: 175
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3881

From J. D. Hooker   [31 December 1862]



JDH’s impression on meeting [J. A.] Froud[e].

CD’s projected three volume work.

Complains at poor state of some [unspecified] plant collection.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [31 Dec 1862]
Classmark:  DAR 101: 96–7
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3890

From J. D. Hooker   [27 or 28 December 1862]



Hostile to Spencer’s application of natural selection to society.

JDH on J. E. Gray’s views on collecting.

JDH collecting Wedgwood ware.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [27 or 28] Dec 1862
Classmark:  DAR 101: 93–5
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-3891
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