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To W. E. Darwin   [before 29 October 1857]


Reports progress of work on the new rooms [at Down].

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  William Erasmus Darwin
Date:  [before 29 Oct 1857]
Classmark:  DAR 210.6: 18
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2135

To W. E. Darwin   29 [October 1857]


Discusses WED’s future education, the work on the extension, and other domestic affairs.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  William Erasmus Darwin
Date:  29 [Oct 1857]
Classmark:  DAR 210.6: 19
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2147

To T. H. Huxley   3 October [1857]


Thinks naturalists look for something further than Cuvier’s view of classification. Poses a theoretical problem on the classification of the races of man to prove that a genealogical system is best.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Thomas Henry Huxley
Date:  3 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Archives (Huxley 5: 139)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2150

To James Buckman   4 October [1857]


Asks JB to obtain information about pigeons.

Inquires where his article has been published ["On the discovery of Cnicus tuberosus at Avebury, Wilts.", Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. 2d ser. 20 (1857): 337–9].

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  James Buckman
Date:  4 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  Dorset County Museum (tipped into Origin 1st ed.)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2151

To J. S. Henslow   14 October [1857]


JSH’s Myosotis is beginning to sport. Asks whether some features are not odd.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  John Stevens Henslow
Date:  14 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  DAR 93: A119
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2153

To J. S. Henslow   18 October [1857]


Sends details on Myosotis sports. Feels sure he could make any flower in some degree monstrous in four or five generations.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  John Stevens Henslow
Date:  18 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  DAR 93: A45–6
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2154

To Gardeners’ Chronicle   18 October [1857]


Describes his experiments with kidney beans to test the agency of bees in their fertilisation. His results suggest they are essential.

Asks what George Swayne could mean by the advantage of artificial fertilisation of early beans [Trans. Hortic. Soc. Lond. 5 (1824): 208–13].

Has observed that hive-bees, which normally suck nectar from the flower of the kidney bean, will use holes cut through the calyx by humble-bees, though the holes cannot be seen from the mouth of the flower. Suggests hive-bees see humble-bees at work and understand what they are doing and "rationally" take advantage of the shorter path to the nectar. [See also 2359.]

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Gardeners’ Chronicle
Date:  18 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette, 24 October 1857, p. 725
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2155

To J. D. Hooker   20 October [1857]



Returns some of the systematics books borrowed from JDH. Will now take on A. P. and Alphonse de Candolle [Prodromus].

Arrangements for a visit.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Date:  20 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  DAR 114: 212, 222c
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2156

To J. D. Hooker   [23 October 1857]



Return of books.

JDH coming to Down.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Date:  [23 Oct 1857]
Classmark:  DAR 114: 214
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2157

To W. D. Fox   30 October [1857]


Has come to think his brains were not made for thinking – he immediately feels better when at Moor Park.

News of his family.

Author:  Charles Robert Darwin
Addressee:  William Darwin Fox
Date:  30 Oct [1857]
Classmark:  Christ’s College Library, Cambridge (MS 53 Fox 104)
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-2161
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