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From Louis Agassiz   29 September 1863


Introduces J. P. Lesley, "the most accomplished geologist of the United States".

Author:  Jean Louis Rodolphe (Louis) Agassiz
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  29 Sept 1863
Classmark:  DAR 159: 9
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4311

From H. W. Bates   29 September 1863


HWB’s concern over CD’s poor health.

Gives accounts of reviews of his book in the Times and in the Revue des Deux-Mondes by E.-D. Forgues ["Un naturaliste sous l’équateur", Rev. Deux-Mondes 46 (1863): 703–37].

Thanks CD for the A. Gray review of his paper [see 4022].

Reports his current work is a monograph on Mantidae.

Author:  Henry Walter Bates
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  29 Sept 1863
Classmark:  DAR 160: 77
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4313

From W. B. Tegetmeier   [c. 26 September 1863]


Encloses a cutting from the Field: C. R. Bree on zebra-striped asses.

Author:  William Bernhard Tegetmeier
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [c. 26 Sept 1863]
Classmark:  DAR 178: 59
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4314

From George Busk   [c. 27 August 1863]


Discusses and suggests treatments for CD’s stomach complaint. Recommends he consult William Brinton.

Author:  George Busk
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [c. 27 Aug 1863]
Classmark:  DAR 160: 378
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4315

From Robert Monsey Rolfe   [20 November 1863]


Sends annual cheque for Down parish charities.

Author:  Robert Monsey Rolfe, 1st Baron Cranworth of Cranworth
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [20 Nov 1863]
Classmark:  DAR 161.2: 230
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4316

From J. D. Hooker   1 October 1863



Sorrow at loss of his daughter.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  1 Oct 1863
Classmark:  DAR 101: 160–2
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4317

From Roland Trimen   10, 13, and 18 October 1863


Comments on CD’s paper on Linum [Collected papers 2: 93–105].

Sends specimens of dimorphic and trimorphic Oxalis.

Comments on H. W. Bates’s work [Naturalist on the river Amazons].

Author:  Roland Trimen
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  10, 13 and 18 Oct 1863
Classmark:  DAR 109: B122–3
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4319

From John Lubbock   14 October 1863


Is working on a notice for the Natural History Review [n.s. 4 (1864): 37–43] of Huxley’s lectures to working men on the origin of species.

Author:  John Lubbock, 4th baronet and 1st Baron Avebury
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  14 Oct 1863
Classmark:  DAR 170: 41
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4320

From J. D. Hooker   23 October 1863



With scientific party to Amiens to look at gravel-pits, the geology of which JDH describes at length.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  23 Oct 1863
Classmark:  DAR 101: 167–70
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4321

From H. W. Bates   24 October 1863


Returns Gray’s review [of paper on mimetic analogy, Am. J. Sci. 2d ser. 36 (1863): 285–90]

and expresses his sorrow over CD’s health.

Author:  Henry Walter Bates
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  24 Oct 1863
Classmark:  DAR 160: 78
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4323

From J. D. Hooker   [1 or 3 November 1863]



Anxious to see Haast’s letter.

JDH’s views on Poles and Franco-Prussian conflict.

Author:  Joseph Dalton Hooker
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [1 or 3] Nov 1863
Classmark:  DAR 101: 173–5
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4325

From Alfred Newton   31 October 1863


Tells CD where to pick up the partridge’s foot with the ball of earth attached; sends a copy of his remarks on the same. [See Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. 3d ser. 13 (1864): 99–101.]

Author:  Alfred Newton
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  31 Oct 1863
Classmark:  DAR 172: 40
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4326

From Daniel Oliver   [27 March 1863]


Sends some specimens for CD.

Is busy with W. African Amomum, whose floral structure he discusses.

Author:  Daniel Oliver
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  [27 Mar 1863]
Classmark:  DAR 173: 23
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4328

From E. A. Darwin   9 November [1863]


Moncure Conway wants to call on CD.

EAD has seen the extract from Mill’s [System of] Logic which Carpenter read when arguing CD should have the Copley. Has CD seen it?

Author:  Erasmus Alvey Darwin
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  9 Nov [1863]
Classmark:  DAR 105: B13–14
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4334

From George Clendon Jr   10 November 1863



Suggests a possible explanation of the supposed paucity of intermediate forms in fossil formations.

Author:  George Clendon, Jr
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  10 Nov 1863
Classmark:  DAR 47: 178
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4336

From Friedrich Hildebrand   10 November 1863


Pleased CD has had his [FH’s] orchid paper published [Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. 3d ser. 12 (1863): 169–74].

Extension of CD’s Primula heterostyly work.

Author:  Friedrich Hermann Gustav (Friedrich) Hildebrand
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  10 Nov 1863
Classmark:  DAR 166: 201
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4337

From Asa Gray   23 November 1863


CD’s poor health.

Agassiz’s attempt to do away with Darwinism.

Author:  Asa Gray
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  23 Nov 1863
Classmark:  DAR 165: 141
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4346

From Daniel Oliver   27 November 1863


Discusses the contraction of hygroscopic bundles in seed-pods,

and a paper by Hugo von Mohl ["Über dimorphe Blüthen", Bot. Ztg. (1863): 309–15, 321–8] in which he discusses Oxalis and determines that Fumaria is a necessarily self-fertilising plant.

Author:  Daniel Oliver
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  27 Nov 1863
Classmark:  DAR 173: 24
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4349

From J. B. Innes   17 December [1863]


Suggests a new school for CD’s son [Horace].

Author:  John Brodie Innes
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  17 Dec [1863]
Classmark:  DAR 167: 13
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4357

From Hugh Falconer   31 December [1863]


Returns a letter wrongly addressed by CD [4361].

Author:  Hugh Falconer
Addressee:  Charles Robert Darwin
Date:  31 Dec [1863]
Classmark:  DAR 164: 25
Letter no:  DCP-LETT-4362
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