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From A. R. Wallace   16 July 1871

Holly House, Barking, E.

July 16th. 1871

Dear Darwin

I am very sorry you are so unwell, & that you allow criticisms to worry you so.1 Remember the noble army of converts you have made!, & the hosts of the most talented men living who support you wholly. What do you think of putting C. Wright’s article as an Appendix to new Ed. of Origin?2 That would get it read, & obviate my chief objection that the people who read Mivart & the Origin, will very few of them buy a separate pamphlet to read. Pamphlets are such nuisances. I don’t think Mivart could have written the “Quarterly” article,—but I will look at it & shall I think be able to tell.3

Pray keep your spirits up, I am so distracted by Building troubles that I can write nothing, & shall not, till I get settled in my new house some time next Spring I hope.4

With best wishes | Believe me | Yours very faithfully | Alfred R. Wallace

Charles Darwin Esq.


CD had suggesting reprinting Chauncey Wright’s review of St George Jackson Mivart’s On the genesis of species as a pamphlet (Wright 1871a, Mivart 1871a). He was also working on the sixth edition of Origin. CD eventually carried out his plan to reprint Wright’s review as a pamphlet (Wright 1871b).
See letter to A. R. Wallace, 12 July [1871]. Mivart’s authorship of the review in Quarterly Review ([Mivart] 1871c) is confirmed by the Wellesley index.
Wallace was having a house built in the village of Grays, Essex (Raby 2001, pp. 209–11).


Raby, Peter. 2001. Alfred Russel Wallace: a life. London: Chatto & Windus.


Sorry CD allows criticisms of Darwinism to worry him.

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Alfred Russel Wallace
Charles Robert Darwin
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Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 19